Understanding Length Retention

Your hair is growing all the time. So if you’re asking yourself, “Then why am I not seeing any growth?“ : The answer is simple, you are not retaining length or in other words your hair is breaking off at the same rate it is growing.

So when your new growth comes in it appears to be no progress. Damage is a barrier that will prevent you from seeing your true growth potential. You have to make sure your hair is getting the TLC it needs to flourish.



First things first : Get Rid of Dead Ends

    •    Get a fresh healthy start. Split ends cannot be repaired and when you try to hold onto them, they will travel up the strand thinning your hair out.


The Key to Retaining Length: Detangle With Care

    •    Detangling kinky hair can literally make or break it because curly hair tangles and knots more readily than other textures.  This is the crucial part of your regime, which if you are not careful it will be harder to retain length. Always detangle on damp hair or hair moisturized with Un.tangled Hair Therapy. Dry hair is too brittle and when your hair is soaking wet it’s in its weakest state, making damp hair the perfect middle ground. Always start from the ends of the hair working your way up and use a wide tooth comb.  If you leave your hair out, your detangling efforts will be pointless. Put your hair in large two strand twist or braids to prevent hair from getting re-tangled. This is will help prevent excessive shrinkage.


Keep Your Curls Hydrated

    •    Water is the best foundation for hydrating dry hair. Contrary to popular belief, oils and creams don’t add moisture to your hair. They function as a moisturizer in the sense that, it helps the hair retain moisture from water. Try misting your hair/scalp with water, followed by Hydrate-Me. Growth.Serum to retain moisture longer between wash days.


Protect Your Strands

    •    Don’t touch your hair too much. Try to wear styles that do not require daily styling. When you comb, style, or even touch your hair you cause “damage” to some degree, which will make your curls more prone to breakage. The less you manipulate your hair the more it will flourish.

    •    At night tie your hair with a satin scarf or sleep on a silk pillowcase to preserve the health and shine of your hair.

    •    Use a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel to scrunch dry your hair. Terry cloth towels absorb too much water out the hair, which causes tangles.


Put The Hot Tools Down

    •    Heat styling is a major curl destroyer and should be avoided whenever possible. When that's not an option, use a heat protectant and try turning down your hot tools half way. Using higher temperatures directly on your hair is the quickest way to damage your strands.



Wash your hair every 2-3 weeks. Treat once every 4 weeks or immediately after removing a protective style. Oil daily or as needed.



Be sure to track your progress by taking pictures every month.



Patience is key! Your hair will grow at its own pace, but you can expect to see noticeable results within 2 months of consistent use

17 minutes ago, from Cleveland, OH
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